We recycle all waste where possible, anything that can be recycled using the official council run services will be recycled.



Glass. Any type of glass is sorted and recycled using the local council recycle centers. Greenhouses, broken glass, jars, bottles etc.



Wood. Nearly all types of wood are recyclable. Again, we use the local council recycle centers around Kent. Sheds, pallets, fencing, waste wood etc.



Fabric. When we do a waste clearance and get it back to our facility we bag up anything fabric and take it to the local council recycle centers. Clothing, Towels, Curtains, carpet etc..



Tyres. These are a pain for disposal. As local councils charge for disposal. But as we have licenses etc for disposal we can get them recycled.



Miscellaneous. Things that can recyclable via the local councils are also recycled; including (at some depots) but not limited to: Batteries, florescent tube lighting, fridges, sofas, compost stuffs etc.